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Title: Constraints and Challenges faced by Artisanal Fisheries in Beira- Mozambique
Authors: Taibo Charfudine Omar, Celma
Keywords: coastal fishery
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2007
Abstract: Considering the fact that 50.000 of the Mozambican families depend on the coastal fishery for livelihood it is likely that any changes in the production of the fishery may have impact on the socio-economic lives of those people. However, for the period 2001- 2005 the production quantities in Beira have decreased by 71 % in the artisanal sector that leads to low income and make fishermen vulnerable and in poverty. Minimizing the constraints faced by artisanal fishermen is seen as vital to the entire economy. The study was based on questionnaire and involved a simple random sampling of 366 fishermen in Beira. The data was processed and analyzed using the SPSS. The study suggests that 39 % of the fishermen argue lack of capital either unacknowledged of the procedures of how to get loan from Banks and financial institutions preventing them to increase their production linked with low level of education perhaps the prime factor constrain the sector. The study also proposes that fishermen constraints depend on their level of education, length of experience and type of instruments. The study further suggests the need to reinforce the dissemination on the procedures regarding provision of loans or creating a financial institution addressed to artisanal fishermen.
Description: Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Master of Arts in Economics and Management Degree
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