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Title: An Assessment of NGOs in Scholar Performance in Búzi District of Sofala Province.
Authors: Dhirajlal Chhaganlal, Darmesh
Keywords: Sofala
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2007
Series/Report no.: UCM/MA/05/018
Abstract: Internal inefficiency causes high level of repetition, dropout and late completion rates. The lack of schools is one of the main reasons of low access to school for many children associated with the fact lack of teachers and scholar materials that affect negatively on students performance. The aim of this study was to discover the contribution of NGOs on education sector in Búzi district with construction of schools, teacher training and factors that affect scholar performance. Two questionnaires were used to collect primary data, one to analyse the contribution of NGOs on education sector and second to find out the difficulties faced by teachers in education sector that affects students’ performance. The results showed that construction of schools by the NGOs has increased access of children to school and improve the scholar performance. Moreover the repetition rate had decreased gradually in last two years due to introduction of new curriculum. The lack of scholar materials affected negatively the quality of education linked with the existence of a reasonable number of unqualified teachers. Large classes associated with lack of teachers created lack of interest among students, which were the reason of repetition rate. Poverty was the main reason of dropout of students. The study recommends that NGOs and government should focus on construction of EP2 schools also focus on teachers training and supply more teachers to allow them more time to prepare lessons and follow the performance of their students. Finally the government should solve the problem of distribution of scholar materials which is crucial for quality of education.
Description: Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the MA Economics and Management Degree
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