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Title: Impact of Cotton Production Among Cotton Farmers in Maringue District of Sofala Province – Mozambique
Authors: Cardoso, Esboi
Keywords: cotton
economic benefits
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2007
Abstract: The study evaluates the ex-ante economic impact of cotton production among rural cotton farmers, more specifically the study seeks to address. 1) The economic benefits of cotton production at smallholder level as way of poverty reduction. 2) The major factors that affect cotton production at household level. The study attempts to provide insights for decision making on cotton sub-sector in Maringue district even in Mozambique, which are likely to consider the adoption of cotton as form of poverty reduction in rural area. To achieve the main goal, the study has target population as the cotton smallholder farmer in 2005/06 season; the sample was 200 cotton household farmers. And it was selected using cluster or area random sampling. The survey is based on questionnaire, using personal interview methods, and it is based mainly on purpose of the study and research question. The study concludes that under current low education level and the dependence on natural factors such as weather and pests, cotton in Maringue district is only a cash crop that has direct impact on household economy. In fact, the cotton production increases earnings and purchase power for most rural cotton farmers. In term of value relative to others agriculture crops and as source of income, cotton stands as the highest earning non-food crop and creates the auto-employment for most rural household. Due to importance of cotton for rural household economy, most of them have not been able to take full advantage of favorable macro-environment. The dependence of natural factors,low level of education and the lack of social infrastructure such as clean drink water, shops and others basic social service constrain most cotton farmers to develop their cropping activities as much as possible.
Description: Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Arts in Economics, Management and Administration Degree
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