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Title: Critical Analysis of Agriculture Sector in Central Region of Mozambique and Its Contribution to the Economy.
Authors: Tambo, Armindo
Keywords: Agriculture
Food Security
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This article reports on a study about the agricultural sector and its contribution to the scale of the economy in the Central Region of Mozambique. There is very low agricultural production and this adversely affects the population through starvation and severe poverty. The study sought to fill the knowledge gap caused by the lack of empirical research in this area. More specifically, this study examined the reasons for the low contribution of agriculture to the national economy. The major problem faced in Mozambique and in particular the central region is hunger and poverty. The study used qualitative research paradigm. Data were generated through interviews, field observation, document analysis, questionnaires and focus group discussions. Data were analysed through content analyses. The findings show that factors that cause poor crop production in this part of the country is the lack of technology, poor quality of seed used in this process, disorganized and low financial and technical support to producers. The study recommends designing and implementing training approaches for farmers to help them develop valid and coherent personal practical theories, which correspond with the actual production. The study also recommends that government design and implements policies for funding agriculture practices in this region that has good climate and soils for agriculture. It is also recommends Mozambique government adapt models of agricultural production from other countries, such as China, India and Brazil for implementation in the central region of Mozambique.
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